5 things you must not do in Dubai

It is hardly surprising how many people are interested in District one villas for sale in Dubai because this amazing city is literally a tourist magnet. Everything, in this city, is of premium quality. Here you would find amazing shopping centres, beautiful architecture and mind-blowing art pieces.

Although Dubai is designed to offer top-notch lifestyles, living in Dubai is not everyone’s cup of tea. That is because here, there are a somethings that are likely to get you in serious troubles.


Given below, are some situations and behaviours that can create room for significant misunderstandings. So if you are visiting Dubai or planning to visit any time soon, stick to this blog!


  1. Do in Dubai as Arabs do

Although Dubai is a futuristic city, its roots are deeply immersed in traditional values. Therefore, you ought to respect their rules and sentiments. If you are someone whose mind is stuck with the East-is-least mentality, you should better stay at home, because you would not be able to gain much from the diverse blend of cultures in Dubai.


The most fascinating element of Dubai lies in its diversity and exotic blend of cultures. Therefore just strolling around the places and shopping cannot offer you much thrill.


  1. Be careful about your dressing

This something that you need to be super cautious about, especially if you are a woman. Although it is not Tehran or Riyadh, where you need to be clad in a black burqa, Dubai is not Los Vegas either.

In Dubai you can wear anything you like, as long it is covering most of your skin. Even if you are a guy, wearing tank tops and shorts is not really recommended.


  1. Refrain from appearing intoxicated in public

Despite being a much liberal and relaxed place, Dubai is a city in an Islamic country. Therefore alcohol consumption is prohibited at all costs.

Since Dubai mostly caters to international crowds, it has an unspoken truce to satisfy all sides. If you want alcohol, you can easily get it from hotels and, however, if you are in a public space and you start drawing attention due to your inebriated state, you are certainly in a trouble. Prepare yourself for either a hefty fine, imprisonment and even deportation.


These rules are more stringent for holidaymakers because the authorities are more than tired off of their occasional drunkness and the community offers no sympathy as well.


  1. Watch your gestures and language

Thanks to undying Hollywood fervour, everyone across the world is familiar with every cuss word in English. Therefore if you believe that Middle Eastern people would not understand if you use swear words or sit on your hand, you could not be more wrong. Even poor English speakers are aware of every offensive word in English and if they report it to the authorities, you cannot be in a worse place.


In the fine roads of Dubai, every gesture of anger, frustration or mere thoughtlessness can land you in major trouble.  You are subjected to not just a hefty fine, but also humiliating admission of guilt.

Cases like these can even end up in courts, where you would need an expensive and rare lawyer who has command over both English and Arabic because every preceding would be in their language. To sum it all the outcome of using inappropriate language and gesture in Dubai can not just cost an excruciating amount of money, but also so much of your priceless time.


  1. Avoid drinking and eating anything during Ramadhan

In the holy month of Ramadhan, all Muslims across the world fast from sunrise to sunset. It is obligatory, therefore, even the least practising Muslim would skip meals during this month.

Non-muslim residents are although not mandated to observe these no food-and-drink rule, they are not permitted to have any food item in public places. It is due to the same reason, most food spots and Dubai would be closed during Ramadhan, but some would be open.



Other than a few restrictions, Dubai is a piece of paradise on earth. It is full of exotic places and some of the best amusement parks, therefore we recommend you to buy one of the Arabian Ranches villas for sale in Dubai.