Latest Types Of Cell Phones From Alltel

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The phone features voice recognition, multi party capability, and speaker phone. Dialed, missed and received calls are recorded for anyone’s convenience. The inner phone book holds well over 500 entries plus 250 extra entries on the SIM chip. Voice mail and voice memo are included, along with 2-way SMS and im. Embedded wallpaper allow consumer to further customize their phone.

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Under Brightness and Wallpaper in standard settings, you choose your screen lock screensaver and lock screen picture – make sure to take a favorite picture using you guessed it-your camera and employ this on your homescreen. Other tutorials using iPad training videos may demonstrate how utilize other advanced methods, but this may be the easiest way to set this up the actual general setting.

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The flip feature protects both the numbers and the inner screen from wear and tear while reducing the phone’s size for easy carrying. The SCH-U340 has a hand-free speakerphone for safe producing.

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