One of The Best Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint – Reduce Meat Consumption

You do not have to do much to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet. There are some simple things you can start right now and share with your friends and family. Daily practice of these habits will reduce your carbon footprint on the planet, making you a responsible human being.

Simple activities like unplugging electronic devices when not in use, walking or cycling to your destination, recycling goods, using natural energy, etc., help in reducing your carbon footprint on the planet. However, when it comes to one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint, you can start by decreasing meat consumption.

Best ways to reduce carbon footprint – How does meat consumption impact the world?

The best way to reduce carbon footprint instantly is to reduce the consumption of meat. This is a powerful thing you can do to stop climate change in the world today. Do you know that greenhouse gas emissions from the agri-business sector are a huge problem, and the issue is even bigger than that of fossil fuels?

Red meat and its harmful impact on the globe

There is a lot of campaigns that emphasize the reduction of fossil fuels that is critically important as well; however, there is a bigger problem – the consumption of meat.  Red meat is a big problem, and it is a culprit to blame. It consumes about 11 times more resources of water and produces about five times more greenhouse gas emissions than its poultry peers.

Surprising but true facts

Now, in context to the above, you strictly do not have to become a vegetarian; however, the consumption of less meat will help the world reduce carbon footprint to a large extent. The average person in the USA eats about 8.5 ounces of meat daily. To get one pound of beef it takes more than five thousand gallons of water. It is the prime consumer of freshwater in the globe. This is why water is becoming scarce because of meat consumption.

Spread awareness

You should not be afraid to make others aware of how meat consumption increases the planet’s carbon footprint. There is a lack of education and information on the topic. Most people are still not aware of how the consumption of meat affects life on the planet. This is why you will find several people going vegan to protect the planet.

Along with the best ways to reduce carbon footprint on the planet, you should educate your friends and family about the impact of meat consumption on the world. As mentioned above, you don’t need to cut down on meat completely, but you can reduce it to once a week. You can combat the drastic changes made to the climate with this simple step. Moreover, with your efforts, you can inspire others to follow your path as well. In this way, just your small effort of reducing meat consumption will make a huge positive difference to the environment with success!